Smaller. Quieter. More efficient. Virus Zero provides air purification unlike anything available on the market.

Home and Away Bundle

Get 10% Off when you purchase both products and receive the Virus Zero Stand at no additional cost, you save $118.

Share the Air

Virus Zero Portable

For the Car or Office

It’s clean air on the go; if you can fit a coffee cup, you can fit Virus Zero Portable. Scrub the air of those germs from the neighborhood carpool and protect yourself from airborne illnesses carried by coworkers. Cleans up to 230 sq. ft.


Virus Zero’s revolutionary Samsung SPi technology is the only air purification system of its kind. While other systems run air through filters, Virus Zero releases safe cleansing ions into the air to neutralize germs, viruses and odors—without using a filter. And once the air is clean, it stays that way.

Virus Zero

For Home or Work

Keep the air clean where you spend the most time. Remove up to 99.7% of viruses, bacteria and allergens including H1N1, smoke, dust and odors in the air with a quiet, unobtrusive Virus Zero device. Cleans up to 700 sq. ft.—perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, offices and kitchens.

Virus Zero brings high tech to air purification

David Holzman, 50, and Scott Lattanzio, 47, both of Andover, are on a mission to clear the air. They are partners in the new Billerica company Virus Zero, which produces and sells a high-tech air purification system. It works by releasing cleansing ions…

Boston Magazine
9 Ways Doctors And Nurses Avoid Getting Sick

“The Virus Zero, for example, neutralizes airborne contaminants (Influenza, bacteria, fungi, allergens) and the RxAir destroys pathogens by using germicidal UV lights.” 

Virus Zero PRO

For Commercial and Retail Spaces

Clean up to 99.7% of daily virus and bacteria that travel through the air and clean the air for a large area with a smaller, quieter device than traditional air filter systems. Cleans up to 1166 sq. ft.—perfect for large offices, retail stores, childcare facilities and doctors’ offices.