How It Works: Virus Zero Active Air Purification

Virus Zero’s innovative Samsung SPi technology is different from traditional air filtration and purification systems because it’s active: it neutralizes bacteria, viruses, allergens and other contaminants instead of passively and less effectively trapping them in filters. Virus Zero products have been proven to reduce up to 99.7% of contaminants like dust, mold and pet dander in lab tests at academic research organizations around the country.

For more details on how Virus Zero works, download our product manual.

What contaminants are eliminated by Virus Zero?

Virus Zero is patented globally and certified worldwide for its ability to eliminate viruses and contaminants including: influenza, Coronavirus, MRSA, H1N1, H5N1, mold, mites, dust, pollen, animal hair and fungi. The system also neutralizes the OH-radical that contributes to breathing problems and premature aging. The effectiveness of Samsung SPi technology has been tested and certified by the British Allergy Foundation.

How is Virus Zero different from conventional UV, electrostatic and HEPA filtration systems?

Other air purifiers rely on passive purification, requiring the air in the room to travel through the unit multiple times to capture contaminants in a filter. Virus Zero cleans the air around you with an active process, releasing millions of cleansing ions into the air to neutralize the contaminating particles. Virus Zero eliminates the need for expensive filters, noisy fans, ozone or chemicals. Plus, once the air is clean, it remains clean, whereas traditional systems require any new air to travel through them to be cleaned.

How is Virus Zero different from ionizers?

Traditional ionizers weigh viruses and germs down—they don’t neutralize them. Ionized contaminants are still alive and can be stirred up and released back into the air. Virus Zero neutralizes up to 99.7% of viruses where they live, so they’re gone from the air forever. It’s also less expensive to use, energy efficient and doesn’t require you to buy filters.

How does the science work?

The Samsung SPi technology found in all Virus Zero products is a patented, exclusive application that generates and uses harmless Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen ions to neutralize airborne contaminants.

The Virus Zero device splits the water molecules in the air, forming positively charged Hydrogen ions and Oxygen.
Virus Zero emits electrons into the air, which react with the Hydrogen ions to form Hydrogen atoms and with Oxygen forming Oxygen ions.
The Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen ions combine to form powerful cleansing agents (harmless to the human body) called Hydroperoxy Radicals, which wrap around viruses like influenza, molds and bacteria, and implode their DNA.
All that’s left is undetectable, minute traces of water vapor.