Something happens when people use our products. They start inventing, preventing, and resolving to make their air cleaner in ways and places we never dreamed of. And they graciously share their stories with us. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

Virus Zero in the News

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“Virus Zero brings high tech to air purification”
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Local Company Launches New Air Purification System
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The Virus Zero, for example, neutralizes airborne contaminants
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Now we can breathe easy
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The system, which is about the size of a coffee cup..
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Portable purity
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Simply turn this unit on and you will notice an immediate difference
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Travel gift of health
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Designed to keep air clean and odor-free
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Tiny unit purifies air
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Two weeks showed me what a little powerhouse the Virus Zero is..
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Lil Runner

I think this product would be fantastic for a cubicle at work, or to bring on a car ride – it includes an adaptor for the car!
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Instead of taking medications or going through intensive allergy shots, there’s finally another option!
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Newswatch TV
The Travel Guys Radio
How to Complain Effectively, What is the Booze Traveler?, and Check Out Virus Zero

“Finally, a quick interview with the guys from Virus Zero, a new travel gadget promises to keep the air around you free from germs and bacteria.”

It’s a great feeling knowing that this technology actually exists and I am looking forward to other people knowing that this technology kills anti-bodies and viruses.

-Rick, Southern California
“We installed Virus Zero units in our 4,500 square foot barrel room. In just a few weeks our air mold counts went from 17 CFUs to 2 CFUs, a very low level. This will really help keep the air fresh and prevent mold growth on our barrels. It is extremely important that we protect our client’s wines while they age in oak. Clean air is one of the first lines of defense.”
- Justin L., Santa Rosa, CA
“I recently had 2 Virus Zero devices installed in my home to help with allergies for both my kids and myself.The devices have made an amazing difference, the air is clean, free of common allergens, we suffer seasonally from. These devices are amazing, no family member has had any issues with allergies since they were installed.”
- Scott L.
“We purchased a wall unit and stand for our kitchen primarily because of cooking odors and kids spreading germs in the most widely used room in the house. The odor issue is totally under control – can’t wait to see how it works in the winter months!”
- Sammy, Ma.
“My son has allergies, and his bedroom seems to be the worst, so we placed the Virus Zero Portable in his room and now he sleeps better and wakes up clearer. We weren’t sure how it might work since there are no filters or visual cue that it’s working, but now we know it’s working. Thank you.”
- Lew S., Reading, MA
“I have a Virus Zero Portable on my desk at work. Because I share my desk space with another co-worker, the risk for catching a cold from one another is something we both worry about. I got sick with a cough and stuffy nose recently and was worried that I may pass the sickness along to my co-worker since we work so close together. I placed the portable device on my desk and keep it running 24/7. Needless to say, my coworker didn’t catch whatever my sickness was and with the crazy flu going around I feel better that we have something that works”
- Jessica L., MA
“I purchased this to replace my wife’s large tower air filter in our bedroom. It works great and it is MUCH quieter than the old air filter she had before. I sleep much better 🙂 ”
- Eric V. Somerville, MA.
“I would just like to pass on how pleased we are with your wall mounted product that we recently purchased for my husband (Russ) who is battling pancreatic cancer. With the intense amount of chemo treatments he is undergoing, Russ’s immune system is extremely vulnerable to attack from Airborne viruses. Shortly before we decided to purchase the unit, Russ caught a cold which took him two weeks to recover from. Since we purchased the unit, my husband has not been ill once and the air in our home feels and smells fresh and clean. The peace of mind this unit has given my family is worth its weight in gold and we thank you for providing this relief while we go through this difficult period.
Thank you again for providing this wonderful new technology.
- Diane C., Manchester, NH.
“Our basement has always had a musty smell. We ran the unit for 48 hours and could not believe the difference. It smells fresh and clean. We have also used it in our kitchen and it did a great job clearing the air after a fish and onion cooking night. Love it.”
- Dave H.
“Have this product in our Florida Condo. Used to have mold and mildew problems but no more. Fresh clean air. Love this product!!!”
- Dave L.
“We have the Virus Zero in our office. No one really noticed its full effect until after the office holiday party. We had a menu of Italian food, thus involving a lot of garlic. I was on the committee to come in the next morning to help clean up. Boy this place stunk! Even after we finished cleaning and took the trash out, it still smelled. I turned the Virus Zero on full blast. We came in on Monday and aside from the decorations we kept up, you would never know we hosted a party there. Virus Zero is such an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone.”
- Madeline M., Woburn, MA
“I recently held a guys poker night while my wife was away for a business trip. Before she left, she made it very clear that she did not want us to smoke cigars in the house during the game. Being the rebellious 49 year old that I am, we pulled our Virus Zero portables (we have two units at home) into the game room and lit up. We let them run all night while we enjoyed our game, told tall stories and ate way too much pizza. We cleaned up from the long night and let the units run in the room until the next day. When my wife returned from her trip, she didn’t detect anything. Amazed that her super sniffer couldn’t pick up my secret, I finally fessed up and while she wasn’t very happy with me, she actually mentioned how shocked she was that it worked so well at killing the smoke odor. She even put the curtains to her nose to try to smell something! Amazing product, and thanks for helping me keep my secret – although I ratted myself out in the end.”
- Paul C. Medford, MA
“I used the Virus Zero to take care of extremely strong chemical odor left in upholstery after spraying with Microban for Bed Bugs. Approximately 20 theater type seats were sprayed Saturday morning 11/21. The hall remained unusable until I put the Virus Zero machine in at noon on 11/24. I came back this morning 11/25 at 9AM and the odor was completely gone and the hall had a clean fresh smell. Everyone was impressed and pleased.”
- David P